Home Inspection Consultation

Consultation services are designed to save the client money. They are not designed to take the place of a standard home inspection. The primary purpose of a pre-listing or pre-offer inspection is to give the client an informed advantage when listing or purchasing a home.

Whether you are considering a pre-listing or pre-offer consultation there are several things that need to be considered:

The client or agent of the client MUST be present during the consultation. (required)
The client or agent take notes regarding specific items during the consultation. (recommended)
The client or agent takes photos of any areas of concern. (recommended)


INHI offers this preliminary, information-only home inspection for the purpose of evaluating a home's major systems and any potential issues, giving home buyers the information to make an informed decision on whether to place an offer on a property. Pre-offer home consultations take up to 2 hours and are a valuable option in time-sensitive situations.

The client must confirm that the "Pre-offer Consultation" is conducted prior to the mutual acceptance of an offer.
The pre-offer consultation is a visual, non-evasive inspection of major components and systems verbally reporting on their current condition and potential issues.
Attics and crawlspaces will not be traversed. Readily accessible panels MAY not be removed and the use of tools or testing equipment MAY not be utilized.
Investigation of discovered issues may not be as thorough as a standard home inspection.
The pre-offer consultation is a limited "walk through" inspection and in no way replaces a standard home inspection.


Home Inspectors work for their client - nearly 90% of the time this is the buyer.
A pre-listing consultation is a service INHI offers to help the seller prepare the home to be sold before listing it on the market.
The main objective of a pre-listing consultation services are as follows:

Perform a visual inspection of major systems to check for maintenance issues or defects.
Explain to the seller what the issues are and how they can be corrected.
Provide the seller with the information needed to make their house more appealing at minimal expense.

The cost of a Pre-listing inspection consultation is about a third of what a normal home inspection would cost and typically takes about two hours.